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Declaration ID D051696  
Referenced Qualified Designs  
Company Google LLC  
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Listing Date 2020-08-13  
Specification Name 5.0  
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Qualified Design:

QDID 154164  
Qualification Assessment Date 2020-08-13  
TCRL Version TCRL 2019-2  
Product Type Component (Tested)  
Combined Designs  
Design Name Google Sapphire 1.0 Bluetooth Core Host Solution
Design Model Number Sapphire 1.0 Bluetooth Core Host Solution
Design Description Sapphire 1.0 Bluetooth Core host solution for Fuchsia and Bluetooth 5.0 core specifications.
Hardware Version Number Sapphire 1.0
Software Version Number Sapphire 1.0
Core Specification 5.0
Other References  
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Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol
Generic A/V Distribution Profile
Generic Access Profile
Generic Attribute Profile
Logical Link Control and Adaption Protocol
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Service Discovery Protocol

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