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Declaration ID D031453  
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Company LM Technologies Ltd  
Listing Date 2016-06-17  
Specification Name 4.1  
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Qualified Design:

QDID 84877  
TCRL Version TCRL 2015-2  
Product Type End Product  
Combined Designs 51861  
Design Name LM930-XXX
Design Model Number LM93x Series
Design Description The LM93x Series of Bluetooth 4.1 Smart modules can be used as or within a range of embedded systems. These modules offer easy integration with range of peripherals (e.g. sensors, etc), to enable a wide range of products such as; iBeacons, key fobs, Flow Monitors, Metering , Printers etc. We also supply a range of development kit solutions to enable your own development. Our modules are designed to save time and PCB space, and are offered in two formats, either UFL receptacle or with IC Antenna on-board. These modules are highly power efficient and coupled with high output power which range between 0 and 9dBm, also incorporating 27, I/O outputs and a choice of either UART or I2C interfaces. Built to international standards: RoHS, REACH, WEEE and have FCC, CE R&TTE certification. Available with various firmware options which can be pre-programmed before supply, we offer GATT, KEYFOB & iBeacon example firmware packages.
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Core Specification 4.1
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