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Declaration ID B014900  
Referenced Qualified Designs  
Company MindTree Limited  
Listing Date 2009-03-31  
Specification Name 2.1+EDR  
Wi-Fi Certification ID  

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Qualified Design:

QDID 16752  
Qualification Assessment Date 2012-07-13  
TCRL Version Core 2.1/2.1 + EDR TCRL-2008-2  
Product Type Component (Tested)  
Combined Designs  
Design Name EtherMind Bluetooth Protocol Stack, 2.1+EDR
Design Model Number EBT-PS 2.1+EDR
Design Description EtherMind is MindTree's Bluetooth™ protocol stack for adding Bluetooth™ capability to embedded devices and host platforms. The stack has been designed to support various applications, including Mobile Phones & Handheld Devices, Medical Devices, Multimedia Devices, LAN Access Point, Residential Gateway, Printers, consumer electronic appliances etc.
Hardware Version Number NA
Software Version Number 8.0.x
Core Specification 2.1+EDR
Other References  
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Profile / Protocol
A/V Remote Control Profile
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol
Basic Imaging Profile
Basic Printing Profile 1.2
Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
Device ID
Dial Up Networking Profile
File Transfer Profile
Generic A/V Distribution Profile
Generic Access Profile
Hands-Free Profile
Headset Profile
Health Device Profile
Human Interface Device Profile
Logical Link Control and Adaption Protocol
Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol
Object Push Profile
Personal Area Network Profile
Phone Book Access Profile
Serial Port Profile
Service Discovery Application Profile
Service Discovery Protocol
SIM Access Profile
Synchronization Profile

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