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Declaration ID D040168  
Referenced Qualified Designs 78585 (Host Subsystem)
86244 (Profile Subsystem)
Company GoPro, Inc.  
Listing Date 2018-05-31  
Specification Name 4.2  
Wi-Fi Certification ID  

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Qualified Design:

QDID 112026  
TCRL Version TCRL 2017-2  
Product Type Controller Subsystem  
Combined Designs 72429  
Design Name HERO7 Black (SPCH1)
Design Model Number HERO7 Black (SPCH1)
Design Description Camera
Hardware Version Number EVT
Software Version Number HD7.
Core Specification 4.2
Other References  
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Profile / Protocol
4.0 Host Controller Interface
Baseband Conformance
Host Controller Interface
Link Manager
Low Energy Link Layer
Low Energy RF PHY

Referenced Qualified Design:

QDID 78585  
Company Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.  
Qualification Assessment Date 2016-02-05  
TCRL Version TCRL 2015-1  
Product Type Host Subsystem  
Combined Designs
Core Specification 4.2
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Profile / Protocol
4.0 Host Controller Interface
Attribute Protocol
Generic Access Profile
Generic Attribute Profile
Host Controller Interface
Interoperability Test Specification
Logical Link Control and Adaption Protocol
Security Manager Protocol
Serial Port Profile
Service Discovery Protocol

Referenced Qualified Design:

QDID 86244  
Company Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.  
Qualification Assessment Date 2016-09-23  
TCRL Version TCRL 2016-1  
Product Type Profile Subsystem  
Combined Designs
Core Specification 4.2
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Profile / Protocol
3D Synchronization Profile
A/V Remote Control Profile
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Alert Notification Profile
Alert Notification Service
Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol
Automation IO Profile
Automation IO Service
Basic Imaging Profile
Basic Printing Profile 1.2
Battery Service
Blood Pressure Profile
Blood Pressure Service
Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
Body Composition Service
Bond Management Service
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Profile
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service
Current Time Service
Cycling Power Profile
Cycling Power Service
Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile
Cycling Speed and Cadence Service
Device ID
Device Information Service
Dial Up Networking Profile
Environmental Sensing Profile
Environmental Sensing Service
File Transfer Profile
Find Me Profile
Generic A/V Distribution Profile
Global Navigation Satellite System
Glucose Profile
Glucose Service
Hands-Free Profile
Hard Copy Replacement Profile 1.2
Headset Profile
Health Device Profile
Health Thermometer Profile
Health Thermometer Service
Heart Rate Profile
Heart Rate Service
HID over GATT Profile
HID Service
HTTP Proxy Service
Human Interface Device 1.1
Human Interface Device Profile
Immediate Alert Service
Indoor Positioning Service
Internet Protocol Support Profile
Interoperability Test Specification
Link Loss Service
Location and Navigation Profile
Location and Navigation Service
Message Access Profile
Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol
Next DST Change Service
Object Push Profile
Object Transfer Profile
Object Transfer Service
Personal Area Network Profile
Phone Alert Status Profile
Phone Alert Status Service
Phone Book Access Profile
Proximity Profile
Pulse Oximeter Profile
Pulse Oximeter Service
Reference Time Service
Running Speed and Cadence Profile
Running Speed and Cadence Service
Scan Parameters Profile
Scan Parameters Service
Serial Port Profile
SIM Access Profile
Synchronization Profile
Time Profile
Transport Discovery Service
TX Power Service
User Data Service
Weight Scale Profile
Weight Scale Service

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