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Declaration ID D046403  
Referenced Qualified Designs  
Company Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd.  
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Listing Date 2019-06-18  
Specification Name N/A  
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Qualified Design:

QDID 133403  
TCRL Version TCRL 2018-2  
Product Type Profile Subsystem  
Combined Designs  
Design Name Sino Wealth IBLE SIG Mesh Profile
Design Model Number Sino Wealth IBLE SIG Mesh Model
Design Description Sino Wealth IBLE SIG Mesh Profile is a low-power, wireless network that enables many-to-many (m:m) device communication for large-scale device networks. Sino Wealth IBLE SIG Mesh Profile also increases the range achievable by Bluetooth devices by hopping messages from one device to another until it reaches its destination. Applications range from building automation in an industrial environment, to consumer applications, such as home automation and smart lighting.
Hardware Version Number N/A
Software Version Number V1.0
Core Specification N/A
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